Signs That Your Account is A Victim of Facebook Hack

The Facebook has brought significant changes in today’s generation. It serves as the medium for conversation, for starting up business, knowing the latest events etc. There are more than 1 billion users of Facebook and some of this accounts have been hacked without the knowledge of the owner of the account. For you to be aware, here are some of the signs that your Facebook account might have been hacked.

  1. Unable to log-in

If you cannot log-in to your Facebook account even if you type your account name and password correctly, then it might have been hacked. The one who successfully hacked your account might have changed your password in order for him to have more time in getting some of the crucial information that your account contains.

  1. Feedback from your colleagues, friends, and relatives

If one them have sent a message to you regarding your weird posts or spamming of different links or newsfeeds, then your account might have been hacked. Checked your activity and if there is something there that is unfamiliar to you, then Facebook hack is the one to blame.

  1. The Access Locations of Your Facebook Account is Not Familiar

Typically the Facebook keep tracks of the place where your account was log-in.  The Facebook will automatically send an alert to your e-mail address once someone tries to access your account on a different location. If you are not the one who access your account on that particular location, then you are a victim of Facebook hacking.

What to Do When Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

Don’t panic once you know that your Facebook account has been hacked. The first thing that you should do is change the password of your account and even that of email address just to make sure. You should apologize to your friends especially if they are also affected by the weird posts on your wall or messages that were sent by the hacker to them.



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